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New home, funds are needed for humane society

Safe Haven president
By Joyce McKay

Safe Haven is launching a Capital Fund to purchase a property for our next adoption center location. We’re hoping to purchase property here in Wells, where we have a wonderful base of friends, volunteers and local businesses that we consider family. However, we are willing to move beyond Wells if necessary.

We love our current location and would love to stay. But the property is currently on the market. Our Adoption Center is one of three buildings, part of a package deal which makes it unaffordable.

We hope to have months, if not years, to raise funds and prepare for a possible move. But if our current home is purchased, we may not have that luxury. So we’re beginning our search for a permanent home, and the funds to acquire it.

We’re also reaching out to anyone who has property they might consider donating to a non-profit like Safe Haven, for tax purposes. Please call Joyce at 229-8314 to discuss it. Special fundraising campaigns will be announced soon for our new capital project.

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